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January 16, 2019

Return of Fifty Dollar Friday

Happy New Year! January of 2019 marks the return of Fifty Dollar Friday.

Fifty Dollar Friday, FDF, brings together two, fundamentally, important endeavors: to carry on the traditional craft of tattooing and to celebrate the good men and women in our subculture, the tattoo community.

One intent of FDF is to honor the hard working men and women that bust their ass week in and week out to provide for their family by providing them an opportunity to have access to quality tattoos that didn't negatively impact their household financially. We understand how expensive it is to raise a family in Southern California. We also realize how hard it can be for young adults, financially, that are trying to get through college and who do not come from  a family that has a lot of wealth. In one way this event has to do with charity, one of the principle ideas, which upon, freemasonry is supported, an idea brought to the shop by one of our team members.

In another way, this event was our way of celebrating the classic American tattoo iconography and a way of keeping alive the traditions that we cherish. We enjoy reproducing classic and iconic designs of our forefathers on the amazing people we are brought into contact via this event. After all, tattooing was originally an art form celebrated and cherished by the middle class, and those are the people we now reward for helping us with our goal of keeping classic, traditional electric tattooing alive in America.

What could be better than bringing these two ideas together?

We stand by our principles and we support the craft and the local tattoo community with action.

We believe life is better with quality tattoos, and everyone should be able participate in the beautiful experience of collecting quality art.

All flash is designed in black and gray, and color will be offered for an additional fee of $20.00. There will be a limited number of spots available for walk-ins each Friday; with only three artists, it is easy for our team to have more work than time permits to be done in one day. For that reason, we have setup up the event so that we now accept appointments for FDF.

We understand that many people work into the late afternoon, which makes it difficult to secure a place in the line as the day comes to a close, so we are now offering the availability of appointments to make the event more inclusive.

The tattooing of these designs will be limited to the arms and legs except as decided on a case by case basis and with an additional cost, which will be determined and agreed upon before the tattoo is made.

We believe in putting back into tattooing as much as we take out of the craft. This event, done every Friday, is one way that we do this.

Thank you for stopping by and learning more about our philosophy and our team.

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