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     Here at American Beauty Tattoo, the driving philosophy is that life is better with quality tattoos; therefore, we constantly strive to develop and create fine tattoos by adhering to the practice of using proven design principles and pursuing expert craftsmanship.

     Since it's inception in 2001, the artists at American Beauty have been dedicated to creating quality tattoos and providing excellent customer service. We pride ourselves on maintaining a clean environment and using safe and sterile techniques.

Our Talented Artists




James Real

Owner~ Artist

Johnny Gargan


Michael Jaso


     We are happy to introduce you to the very talented, skilled and friendly artists at American Beauty Tattoo. To learn more about each artist and to view portfolios, please visit the profile pages.

     We have our own exclusive location for you to browse and shop for original goods created by the artists at American Beauty Tattoo. Please stop by our store to see the paintings, flash, merchandise and other cool stuff available for purchase. 

     We would love to hear from you. Please visit our contact page to send us an email, get directions to the shop or request information about any potential tattoo ideas.


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  We are happy to announce to our new event: SECRET SATURDAY™. We will a collection of secret designs to choose from every Saturday, with new designs added to the collection weekly. We will be providing sneak peeks every week on our various social media. To view the entire collection and to see compete design individuals will have to visit the shop.